How to Fold Your Jiu Jitsu Gi for Travel

Jiu Jitsu GiI’m traveling this week on vacation, down in Florida visiting family and friends. Though the week will be spent mostly poolside with a drink in hand, my daughter lives here and trains Jiu Jitsu locally, so I will be spending some time on the mats, working off my gluttony and catching up with her while bonding in the gentle art.

I didn’t want to fly here and be dependent on the school I was visiting to loan me a Gi for training. I wanted to bring my own, it fits better anyways. I tend to travel light, so I wasn’t too concerned with being able to fit my Gi into a travel bag, but I still researched the best way to fold a Gi. My usual method of balling up the pants and jacket and shoving it into a bag tends to take up a lot of space. I wanted to be able to get it to the smallest size possible so I wouldn’t run out of any room in my duffel bag.

Below I’ve listed the steps I took to fold my Gi. Hopefully this saves you some time trying to find the best way to fold a Gi, especially for traveling on an airplane.

  1. Lay your jacket on the ground, folding one lapel over the otherJiu Jitsu Gi
  2. Fold one sleeve over the jacketJiu Jitsu Gi
  3. Fold that same sleeve back over itself so the width matches the jacket widthJiu Jitsu Gi
  4. Repeat for the other sleeveJiu Jitsu GiJiu Jitsu Gi
  5. Fold the jacket in half lengthwiseJiu Jitsu Gi
  6. Grab the pants, and fold those in half lengthwiseJiu Jitsu GiJiu Jitsu Gi
  7. Lay the folded jacket on top of the folded pantsJiu Jitsu Gi
  8. Fold the combined jacket and pants up by one thirdJiu Jitsu Gi
  9. Fold the top down by a thirdJiu Jitsu Gi
  10. Now it’s in it’s final shape, so time to tie the belt. Begin by folding the belt in halfJiu Jitsu Belt
  11. Lay the belt over the Gi, placing the middle of the belt in the middle of the folded GiJiu Jitsu Gi and Belt
  12.  Turn the Gi over and fold the belt over the other sideJiu Jitsu Gi and Belt
  13. The next part is the whole trick of making sure the belt is tied right, you have to criss-cross the belt to get the two ends to go 90 degrees from itselfJiu Jitsu Gi and BeltJiu Jitsu Gi and Belt
  14. Turn the Gi over again, folding the belt around the other side and fold one end of the belt under the other making a simple knotJiu JItsu Gi and Belt
  15. In order to close the gap between the belt and the Gi, fold the ends of the belt around the horizontal line of the belt as seen in this pictureJiu Jitsu Gi and Belt
  16. Finally, make a knot with the two ends of the beltJiu Jitsu Gi and BeltJiu Jitsu Gi and Belt

That’s all there is to it. For my travel needs this was plenty small enough to fit in my duffel bag. I check my bags but you could easily fit this Gi into a carry on when it’s folded this way.

I got the idea for this from Mong Phu’s video:

Happy travels!

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