Top Jiu Jitsu Blogs – 2018

Jiu Jitsu BlogsI spend a fair amount of time surfing the web for jiu jitsu related content. I’m always looking for jiu jitsu blogs that are informative, funny and entertaining. There’s no shortage of jiu jitsu related material on the internet, but I’ve found myself going to the same resources time and time again. As this blog ( serves as a place for me to list resources that I plan on re-visiting in the future, I thought I would compile a list of jiu jitsu blogs that I like to read so that I can quickly reference them when I need to.

Since I’m always looking out for good jiu jitsu content, I’ll update this list as I find new stuff. If you have any suggestions about jiu jitsu blogs not listed  here let me know in the comments so can check them out.

  • Jiu Jitsu Times
    This blog is a great mix of posting up-to-date jiu jitsu news, and funny jiu jitsu videos. I recommend following them on Facebook if you want to keep your feed interesting.
  • BJJ After 40
    This is the jiu jitsu blog of Mike Bidwell, a jiu jitsu black belt who spent 13 years at brown belt, and uses his story of going through that grind as an inspiration to the rest of us who are struggling through jiu  jitsu. He often has interesting, creative moves to share as well.
  • On The Mat
    This blog hosts a robust listing of articles and videos. I can browse around here for hours.
  • Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood
    This is the blog of Nic Gregoriades, author of The Black Belt Blueprint, creator of a variety of DVDs, and perhaps the most mellow personality in jiu jitsu. Always insightful to hear what he has to say on jiu jitsu and yoga.
  • Chewjitsu
    I really enjoy this blog. It’s run by Nick “Chewy” Albin, and he’s probably one of the most positive jiu jitsu content creators on the web. He has a lot of good inspirational material for people coming up through the ranks of jiu jitsu.
  • Bishop BJJ
    This one is probably a little more serious and literary than the other blogs listed here. Good to dive into this blog when you’re looking for a little more of a deep read.
  • BJJ Globetrotters
    Basically what it sounds like. Globetrotting jiu jitsu practitioners.  Be sure to check out their “Story” page to read up on what these guys are all about.
  • Grapplearts
    Stephan Kesting was one of the first people I discovered online when I began jiu jitsu. I signed up for his newsletters, subscribed to his YouTube channel and followed him on Facebook. Lots of good material here.

Like I was saying before, I’m always on the hunt for more jiu jitsu related content, so if you know of anything really great I’d appreciate hearing about it in the comments.

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