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Hard 2 Hurt is Icy Mike’s YouTube channel.  But just  who is Icy Mike, and what is his channel about?

Icy Mike is an ex-police officer turned martial arts instructor/enthusiast/fighter. He has been in several fights in episodes of StreetBeefs and his YouTube channel is focused on exploring the effectiveness of martial arts training in self-defense scenarios (aka: “THE STREETZ”).

This post is a bit of a departure from the regular jiu jitsu topics that I write about, but I think it’s valuable to keep in mind real-world self-defense scenarios during training so that you have an awareness of what works and what doesn’t.

Icy Mike has a background in jiu jitsu, and all around MMA training. Combined with his years as a cop, he uses this training to analyze videos of real world altercations to see if he can determine what’s useful and what’s not when learning to fight.

The bulk of his videos are on debunking claims made by people that a particular move or fighting style would work in a real life self-defense situation. He has some interesting insight, and with his years as a police officer combined with his fights that can be seen on StreetBeefs he does have some credence behind what he says.

Check out some of Icy Mike’s videos and judge for yourself. He’s entertaining to watch, and in my opinion has some valuable insight to share regarding self-defense.

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  1. Hi just found ur channel , awsome ideas, u might want to think about defense training for truck driver,? Just a idea thank you

  2. Hello that striker whip what length was it im in the UK and can only find one on amazon that looks like a shite Chinese copy but looks shorter?

  3. So he’s an ex-police officer, interesting .. Would you say that this translates well to self defence and martial arts in a way that couldn’t have been achieved otherwise, I mean do they get certain skills that no fighter can have, unless he has the same background .. This is a post I’d love to read

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