The Top Funniest Jiu Jitsu Sites


If you’ve been in jiu jitsu for any length of time whatsoever, you’ve probably seen your fair share of funny jiu jitsu sites. The colossal amount of jiu jitsu memes proves that the jiu jitsu community as a whole likes to have fun. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen any, here are a few of my favorites:




There are no shortage of Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and Instagram personalities creating and sharing memes.

But there are also plenty of funny jiu jitsu YouTube channels, and social media pages that create quality, funny videos.

Here are some of the funniest:

Enter The Dojo Show – Master Ken’s YouTube channel. Though not strictly a “Jiu Jitsu” site, Master Ken does feature jiu jitsu in plenty of his videos so I’ll include it. These are some of the best produced and funniest videos in the martials arts community.

McDojo Life – McDojo Life is dedicated to exposing nonsense martial arts. They share videos of martial arts techniques that clearly have no real-world application. McDojo Life has an Instagram account and YouTube channel but my favorite way to consume their content is via their Facebook page.

John Salter MMA – John Salter MMA’s YouTube channel is famous for their funny promo and instructional videos.

Kit Dale – Kite Dale is a world class jiu jitsu competitor, and actor. He posts quality humorous jiu jitsu videos, and also plenty of non-humorous technical instructional videos.

Kurt Osiander – Kurt Osiander needs no introduction. He is well-known for producing the weekly “Move of the Week” video series, where he shows killer technique with a sense of humor.

Jean Machado – Jean Machado’s YouTube channel is full of funny comedy sketches centered around jiu jitsu.

Mr. Jiu Jitsu – This Facebook page is the public persona of Michael Mihas, where he shares funny videos and memes. Mixed in with the humor are short, inspirational videos typically filmed from his car, and all worth checking out.


Those are the funniest jiu jitsu sites I’ve found. If you know of any others let me know in the comments.